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Best IPL Team

Each large-scale sporting event causes the greatest excitement. This is the case with the Indian Premier League. She has reached the level when she is expected not only in India but also in every country of the world.

To make the process of watching the matches interesting and exciting, fans need to delve into the history of the championship.

Each team is rich in its history of creation and victories in many games and world-class tournaments. To choose their favourite, fans need to understand all the nuances of each team line-up.

IPL was born in 2008 as a franchising direction, which means that every year teams change their squad. Shortly before the start of the season, new players are recruited or exchanged between teams, which helps to make the outcome of each season unexpected and this adds additional excitement to watching matches.

Whichever IPL team the viewer chooses favourite and best, each of them deserves the victory, but people can’t root for all the teams at once, so the choice becomes difficult. The upcoming season promises to be grandiose, and most importantly, the long-awaited, and fans should be well-prepared for unexpected turns of events.

IPL Team

When the IPL was just created, 13 teams were included in it, after several seasons, only 8 teams were able to confidently hold their positions in the league.

Thanks to the annual auction, teams can update their squad thereby strengthening their strategies and increasing chances to become the best IPL team.

There are several rules for updating the players’ set of teams that every cricket and IPL fan should know.

  1. The main rule of the IPL is the limitation on the number of players in each IPL team. There can be 24 of them in total, and only 9 out of 24 can be foreigners.
  2. Limitations in numbers also occur on the IPL matches themselves, since only 11 of the best players will be able to get into the game and only 4 of them can be of foreign blood.
  3. The organizers took a very responsible attitude towards payments to each player of teams. The pay is uniform and only the most successful players can receive a slightly higher salary and only for special services such as regular victory points.
  4. In a team, each player must be over 19 years old. This nuance is strictly controlled and the only exception is the youth cricket league players.
  5. During the auction, each team can purchase only 3 new players, two of whom may be from other countries.
  6. The IPL auction takes place so regularly because with each player the teams agree only for a year. Sometimes it is possible to extend the cooperation for 2-3 years in case of successful performance of the player.

An auction for a sport such as cricket is the perfect way to refresh teams’ strengths and strategies to show professionalism from the very first IPL match.

Top-rated IPL Team

The Mumbai Indians (MI) is truly the strongest competitive Indian Premier League team.

In the first three years of the IPL’s existence, the team’s players did not show the best results, but in 2011 they turned the history of cricket and received their well-deserved first victory in the Champions League. Then, two years later, they managed to repeat the success and received the title of IPL 2013.

Every MI success has been nearly every two years. So in 2015, the team surprised everyone again with its strategy and a record number of winning rounds and at the end of the league, they became two-time winners of the Champions League and then took the championship in the IPL.

2017 brought the Mumbai Indians the glory of three-time IPL winners and became the first who won so many victories in the history of the tournament.

But the team players, the captain and the coach did not stop at this point. It was not enough for them and they decided to continue the chain of winnings, and in 2019 the team received the fourth title of the undisputed winner and in 2023 for the fifth time, their name flashed in the first line of the standings.

The Mumbai Indians have every right to be considered the most successful team in the history of the IPL. This is also because the sponsors of the team do not save on the players and in recent years the team has been recognized as the most expensive in the world cricket market.


Not only Mumbai Indians have managed to show such high results. They also have very strong competitors who have become three-time IPL champions — Chennai Super Kings (CSK).

The team received their very first victory in the IPL after two years of the tournament’s existence in 2010 and then repeated their achievement in 2011.

Even though the Super Kings were suspended from participating in sports events for two years, once they returned, they showed all the power and played the best matches in honour of their return for which they received the title of winner. Thus, CSK is becoming another leading IPL team from which fans are waiting for their fourth victory in the upcoming season.

Riders Kolkata Knight (KKR) is the next most successful after CSK, who surprise with the power of their strategy and who have high hopes for victory in the coming season.

This team also managed to be the winner more than once. The KKR received their first title in 2012 in a game against CSK and then repeated their success and in 2014 became the two-time champion in the history of the Indian Premier League. The fans of the team are looking forward to the moment when the players will receive the third title and will bear the proud rank of three-time champions.

The rest of the teams are also really strong in their way and maybe next season will show the cricket fans a new champion from whom no one expects a victory yet?

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