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Betting predictions at Parimatch India

Betting tips (like those made by Parimatch online team) are created to help increase their profits. The website employs experts with extensive, who many years watch and analyze sports events. We try to predict the results of matches as accurately as possible by conducting the multifactorial analysis.

Sports gambling is in a grey area in India. Therefore, there are many not entirely legal bookmakers with unobvious odds on the market. The task of information sites is to help find reliable bookmakers. And also to provide free betting predictions so that players get the most out of odds.

On these news sites, analysts look at matches and offer free forecasts. With their help, bettors place bets in such markets:

A good betting site offers tips on many sports. Users will need advice from experts in areas:

What is the betting prediction?

Betting prediction is a forecast that says which club should win. The expert considers several historical events and the current state of the sports club. Based on mathematical analysis and his experience, he predicts the upcoming performance of the athletes.

One cannot rely on pure luck to make bets. Thanks to modern technologies, each bettor gets at his disposal an extensive database of statistics. Many bookmakers provide databases to all customers. The website Parimatch sports has comprehensive statistics on soccer, tennis, cricket, and 20+ other sports.

Bettors make their forecasts and check them against the assumptions of several experts. It will help to choose the best options.

Useful sports tips require the collection of data:

All these data are freely available in the statistical databases. Suppose someone collects the information for at least ten previous matches. In that case, the bettor will get enough information to predict: the more historical data, the better the match prediction.

Based on the information, as well as the preview of matches, a bettor finds out:

The bettor knows that his favorite club performs better at home in its field: it misses fewer goals and scores more. Then he will confidently predict by choosing odds on the home field and increase his chances of winning.

We recommend to look at statistics on such sites:

The betting websites will help find the full information on the favorite sport and the commands on which a player will bet.

Sport bet predictions

Another method of analysis that helps in accurate betting predictions is mathematical and statistical. It is about applying several statistical methods, like the Poisson distribution. This formula helps to determine the probability of the results of an event based on historical data.

There are special sites-calculators that help to find out the Poisson’s distribution for making forecasts. To calculate, a bettor needs to know two indicators:

The analyst uses the formula: Attack Strength of the team × the other team’s defense Strength × the league’s Average Number of Goals.

  1. Attack Strength = number scored last season/number of games played. The indicator is calculated for home and away teams separately.
  2. The league’s Average Number of Goals = that indicator can be found on statistical sites like soccerstats.com!

The player uses the data to calculate home and away expectancy enters the online Poisson distribution calculator. And learns the data:

Sites like footystats.org offer ready-to-calculate values for many of these markets. There are also internet sites that offer basketball, hockey, tennis calculations. With their help, the experts make the most accurate forecasts and choose the best bet on sites such as Parimatch India.

eSport betting predictions

Parimatch India is one of the first bookmakers to engage in e-Sports seriously. Along with other foreign offices, it offers residents of India to bet on:

A player sees analysts’ forecasts and tips on specialized sites like tipify.gg, olbg.com, esportbet.com. Then he makes forecasts. The analysis process does not differ from traditional sports.

A bettor considers the form of teams, the history of their meetings, news about the state of players and coaches. He also analyzes the average values of indicators. Instead of goals, he counts the number of murders or destruction of the fortress or the choice of heroes. These key indicators depend on the selected game.

Parimatch gives an opportunity to earn good money on online betting predictions!


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