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Fastest Half Century in IPL

Over the past fifteen years, cricket has managed to take a strong position in the ranking of the most popular sports. One of the reasons for this explosive growth was the creation of the Indian Premier League in 2008.

History IPL began very excitingly with thirteen franchising teams, and after a while, only eight of the strongest remained.

What makes IPL so interesting? Due to franchising status, lineups are regularly updating, which allows some players to show their skills in different teams. And, of course, IPL should be grateful for its success to highly professional players who set incredible records and win leadership titles for their teams. One of the most significant and illustrative records in the world of cricket is the Fastest Half Century in IPL, and only a few could reach the highest level in this direction in all the years.

Fastest 50 in IPL

The first seasons of the IPL were not the most productive for the championship, but then starting from the second season, players and teams began to play at full strength and set records of various types.

One of the coolest metrics for both spectators and cricketer status is the ability to score 50 points in the half. Most players try to reach the skill level of such a chip, but not many have managed to get into the list of the best century IPL over the years.

Starting to list the most successful IPL players, the first will be K.L. Rahul. His professionalism and power of blows amaze even the most rigorous coaches.

Rahul became one of the few representatives of the cricket world who set the records that most IPL participants strive for.

The most important year for Rahul was 2008. Playing for the Punjab Kings team one-on-one against the representative of Delhi Capitals, he could surprise everyone with 14 strikes and got the well-deserved century IPL.

This match was forever recorded in the history of cricket as the fastest century IPL and the most significant for Rahul.

Except for the fact that the player showed all his power, he also created an ideal environment for the team to play, so they would manage to get a victory and they did it with a margin of seven points!

At that time and till nowadays, Rahul is recognized as one of the best players in the history of the Indian Premier League, and after setting a record for goals scored in 2023, many teams lined up in a huge queue to buy the player.

After the last game, Rahul promised that this is not the limit of his capabilities and next season he will set a new record!

Following Rahul, the success of Yusuf Pathan and Sunil Narine can be distinguished, which in 15 balls reached the ideal century IPL.

2014 and 2017 were very important and decisive in the careers of these players. Both had the opportunity to make sure that their teams would become the winners in those matches.

So Yusuf, playing in Kolkata Knight Riders against Sunrisers Hyderabad, scored 72 and 22 goals at a frequency of over 328 and brought the team’s victory by 34 goals.

And Narine, against the Royal Challengers Bangalore, scored an incredibly fast fifty points right in the early rounds, thus guaranteeing the victory for his team.

Such an achievement met these players after a very long journey with defeats, but they did not give up and proved their full power.

Fastest 50 in IPL in how many balls?

The record number of Fastest 50 in IPL balls ranges from 14 and in fact, not many players have achieved such success in their careers.

Player Balls Match Venue Date
KL Rahul 14 Kings XI Punjab VS Delhi Capitals Mohali 08 April 2018
YK Pathan 15 Kolkata Knight Riders VS Sunrisers Hyderabad Kolkata 24 May 2014
SP Narine 15 Kolkata Knight Riders VS Royal Challengers Bangalore Bangalore 07 May 2017
SK Raina 16 Chennai Super Kings VS Kings XI Punjab Mumbai 30 May 2014
KA Pollard 17 Mumbai Indians VS Kolkata Knight Riders Mumbai 28 April 2016
CH Gayle 17 Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Pune Warriors Bangalore 23 April 2013
SP Narine 17 Kolkata Knight Riders VS Royal Challengers Bangalore Kolkata 08 April 2018
HH Pandya 17 Mumbai Indians VS Kolkata Knight Riders Kolkata 28 April 2019
AC Gilchrist 17 Deccan Chargers VS Delhi Capitals Centurion 22 May 2009
Ishan Kishan 17 Mumbai Indians VS Kolkata Knight Riders Kolkata 09 May 2018
CH Morris 17 Delhi Capitals VS Gujarat Lions Delhi 27 April 2016
N Pooran 17 Kings XI Punjab VS Sunrisers Hyderabad Dubai (DSC) 08 October 2023
RR Pant 18 Delhi Capitals VS Mumbai Indians Mumbai 24 March 2019
JC Buttler 18 Rajasthan Royals VS Delhi Capitals Delhi 02 May 2018
DA Miller 19 Kings XI Punjab VS Rajasthan Royals Sharjah 20 April 2014
OA Shah 19 Rajasthan Royals VS Royal Challengers Bangalore Bangalore 15 April 2012
CA Lynn 19 Kolkata Knight Riders VS Gujarat Lions Rajkot 07 April 2017
KL Rahul 19 Kings XI Punjab VS Chennai Super Kings Mohali 05 May 2019
RV Uthappa 19 Royal Challengers Bangalore VS Kings XI Punjab Bangalore 16 March 2010
AD Russell 19 Kolkata Knight Riders VS Kings XI Punjab Kolkata 09 May 2015
Harbhajan Singh 19 Mumbai Indians VS Kings XI Punjab Mumbai 12 April 2015

The Indian Premier League is considered the largest and most anticipated event of the last decade and fans are very much looking forward to the new 14th season of the IPL 2023. 

Perhaps some players will surprise with their new strategies and skills and will be able to break the already set records of the past years.

The most important thing for each team and player is maximum audience support both during the game and on social networks.

Despite the global situation with the pandemic, the organizers of the IPL promise that the 14th season is guaranteed to take place on the 9th of April 2023 and will surprise every viewer. And the players at this time trying to adapt to new teams’ squads and training actively, creating new strategies and plans, thanks to which they will have the opportunity to get a well-deserved title. Perhaps the teams that have never won before will finally become the winner?

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