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Hey Google which is the Favourite Team in IPL

Every year in about the same period and even now the most popular query in every browser is Hey Google which is the Favorite Team in IPL.

The search engine gives people a huge amount of information and after reading all the interesting sources, many are interested in the question what is the favourite team  IPL of Google itself?

The launch of IPL 2023 caused a special excitement of such search queries, as it was the most unexpected season in the history of the championship. Until recently, his fate was unknown due to the conditions of the pandemic, but on September 19, 2023, the Indian Premier League took place and surprised its fans.

During the tournament and after its completion, IPL fans simply attacked Google to find out what its favourite team was and more interesting information and facts about which perhaps few people know.

Query directed to Google has been a popular trend in recent years. Every major event comes with similar requests.

Every year the sports world expands its audience with cricket and the epic IPL games. After all, each match is a separate form of art that causes the agiotage in all countries, even though the games are held in India.

According to YouTube statistics, the IPL is the most viewed during the tournament. The number of views beats even the record number of viewers of the World Cup!

So which command is Google’s favourite? And this is CSK! And although the team did not receive a well-deserved victory last time, each game with CSK is an enchanting show that makes every fan nervous!

Google which is your Favourite Team in IPL?

Today, probably nobody can imagine their life without Google. Only there it is possible to find any necessary and important information regarding all world events and the IPL is no exception.

This tournament is considered the largest in the world sports arena. The IPL is a franchising league, which means that the composition of the teams changes annually at the auction.

After asking Google, people can see that his favourite team is the Chennai Super Kings. The reason for his choice was the incredibly strong composition of the team and there was no semi-final without this team in the entire history of the league!

Why exactly CSK?

  1. Delving into the history of the team’s existence, then from the very first steps in 2008, the players made it clear to their competitors that they were no losers.
  2. At the annual auction, the team has always acquired the strongest players and proved their strength every game. For all the years of the tournament, CSK was a three-time champion, and every year they jumped into the top three in the standings!
  3. The head coach of the team, Stephen Fleming, has been coaching the players from the beginning of the existence of the team and proves his professionalism with bright and exciting game results!

How to choose the Favourite Team in IPL?

Among all the IPL teams, and there are 8 of them, it is very difficult to choose a favourite. To understand which team to support to a greater extent, viewers need to look at the records of past games, highlight the strengths and weaknesses of each team.

If the viewer believes that the team can always become the winner, then Mumbai Indians should definitely become his favourite. These are five-time champions who could break all statistical records in the history of the IPL. The peculiarity of this team is that at the beginning of the championship they can occupy the last lines of the tournament table, but by the middle and the end of the league they abruptly become leaders and win!

If a cricket fan is interested in watching not just a standard match, but an exciting game with unexpected turns of events, then his favourite should be the Chennai Super Kings team IPL. These are three-time champions of the Indian league who know how to play each competition as if it were the last time.

At the beginning of its path in the league, CSK showed not the best results, but by the end of the tournament, they snatched a place on the leaderboard of the rating table. It was CSK who began to set the standards for records, which each of the IPL teams tried to break. 

If the viewer is interested in watching the tough competition of pumped-up athletes, then they will definitely like the game with Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR). This team can boast not only with strong bodies. Dexterity of movement amazes everyone who comes to watch the matches with the participation of KKR.

For all the years of the IPL, this team has been surprised by unexpected outcomes of matches and has already won twice. Perhaps next season they will proudly win a third time?

Sunrisers Hyderabad players may surprise their fans in the coming seasons. They got the title of the winner of the tournament once a few years ago, it’s time to repeat this breakthrough, right?

Inexperienced, they were able to become winners in the first season of the IPL in 2008. And this is the Rajasthan Royals (RR) team. Unfortunately, in the next leagues, they did not manage to show the same result, so fans should expect a breakthrough in the new season!

Another strong and record-breaking team IPL is the Delhi Capitals, from which fans are eagerly awaiting victory. Perhaps after the last auction and the updated squad, the team will finally receive a well-deserved victory?

The Royal Challengers Bangalore and the Punjab Kings also have very high chances of winning as they strengthened their strategies and lineups before the last season.

Each of the teams deserves a victory at the same level and every person chooses the favourite that surprised him with the game and strategy. Perhaps it is worth highlighting the favourite of the most frequent winners of the IPL, or maybe, on the contrary, those who have not yet received the title? Only the viewer has the right to decide.

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