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Horse racing betting at Parimatch India

Horse racing betting has been known in India for over 200 years. The first tracks in the country were organized in Madras in 1777, and then the fans began to make stakes. It is the only sport for which it is allowed to bet almost legally. Online horse race wagering is not regulated by law.

Indian races are known throughout the world. Now the country organizes events on 9 tracks under the guidance of 6 regulators. There are about 10,000 animals in the clubs of India, and their value varies around 500 crores.

That kind of wagering is popular in several formats: pool and at traditional bookmakers. Overall, experts estimate that Indian racing betting makes 35000 crores per year.

Online horse racing betting in India

Every track in India cooperates with bookmakers, offering an opportunity to place money on runs. Players make stakes offline and on the web. The activity is actively developing, attracting more and more customers every year.

Sports fans watch a large number of different horse racing betting games:

Parimatch online offers convenient conditions, fast execution of stakes and the opportunity to earn good money. Of course, bettors must have a good understanding of race to make correct predictions.

How to bet on horse racing

To be successful, the user selects the event, the format, and then the right animals thoroughly. Let’s analyze these essential elements of Indian online betting.

Types of events existing today:

Each kind of race has its own rules. A contestant runs long or short distances, on a flat track or with obstacles, with or without strollers. Each type has its strategies for online horse racing betting.

Types of bets

Wagers can be divided into basic and exotic. Experts advise sticking to the basic ones because they give more chances for a stable income.

Base bets include:

Exotic ones include:

Horse racing odds at bet Parimatch

Having chosen the competition and the type of wager, the player checks his favourites. He analyzes the animals by several criteria:

If a bettor after analyzing all the parameters concludes that horse racing odds are profitable, he makes a stake.

The sports fan should compare bookmakers online betting India, find an office with the most profitable odds. The profitability of wagers is directly affected by a margin — the commission, which the bookmaker invests in odds. Usually, its value varies between 4—7%.

And of course, the office should honestly give out winnings. Parimatch sport is a reliable platform, which follows all the rules of licenses and honestly pays out the won money.

The betting process

Parimatch betting is a simple process with comfortable conditions. The algorithm of actions is as follows:

A successful player chooses a simple stake and carefully analyzes the upcoming horse racing betting. A serious approach to business provides a stable income. Parimatch online helps to become successful!

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