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Is IPL 2023 mega auction?

Cricket is a team sport played outdoors. It originated in England and gradually became popular all over the world. This sport requires complete physical fitness and athleticism to play. Over the past two decades, cricket has become native to India. And in 2008, one of the world’s largest sports leagues, the IPL, was created!

Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the most-watched and lucrative leagues in Indian sports. Talking about the world market of sports events, IPL is taking the 6th position in the ranking.

In the world of modern technology, this league also compares favorably with the competition. Two years later, in 2010, the tournament was broadcasting on YouTube. At that time, none of the tournaments could boast of such an achievement, since this step allowed fans to watch every match from around the world.

To ensure that this annual tournament is always held honestly and brightly, an auction is held several months before it starts. What does this mean?

Each of the eight IPL teams has the right to select several new players for their team and sign a contract with them. Of course, some cricketers will be forced to leave the team or go to replace the competitors’ team.

Since the IPL is a franchise business, it is imperative to attract new people to the team every year. This guarantees the transparency of the teams’ activities, as well as adds mystery to each match of the tournament.

In addition to the auction, there are two more options for updating the team’s squad, this, as mentioned earlier, players to replace and signing of substitutes. This is done for a short period when the team was unable to find a decent new player. The difference is that a change can be made during a tournament, but an internal exchange or recruitment of a new player must be mandatory before the start of the tournament or after it ends.

As for the auction, its rules have remained unchanged for many years.

  1. There is a strict limit on the number of players. A team can have a maximum of 24 players (minimum 16). It is allowed that nine players were residents of foreign countries.
  2. For the match, a team of 11 strongest players has to be formed. Of these eleven, only four can be from abroad.
  3. Salary is very limited. Since the League takes place only two and a half months a year, players receive their entire annual salary during this period. Its amount depends on the qualifications of the player.
  4. All players in the team must be over 19 years old. There may be exceptions when a young athlete previously played in a youth team and showed results at the level of experienced players.
  5. A team can take a maximum of three players, two of whom can be foreigners.
  6. Each player signs a contract for one year only. But, in case of successful cooperation, it can be extended for one or two years more.
  7. It is also possible to save a player who played a year ago. For this, there are 2 RTM (Right-To-Match) cards on the auction table.

The initial rule of the auction is the follows: during the acquisition of a new team member at the auction, a potential player has the right to refuse and this won’t affect his further sports career in any way.

Then, if the player’s price exceeds last year’s, the difference in the amount should be divided between the company that gives the player and the athlete himself.

This mega auction was awaited by all teams except Mumbai Indians since with the latest squad they have become winners already six times! But teams like the Rajasthan Royals and the Punjab Kings were looking forward to this auction, as they hope for winning this season and they needed fresh strength.

Before the start of the auction, there were rumors that it is time to create a ninth team for the IPL franchise, but as we can see, the IPL team-list remains the same for now.

List of current teams and their mentors at the time of the auction on February 18, 2023:

Team’s Name Coach City
Delhi Capitals Ricky Ponting New Deli
Chennai Super Kings Stephen Fleming Chennai, Tamil Nadu 
Kings XI Punjab Anil Kumble Mohali, Punjab 
Kolkata Knight Riders Brendon Barrie McCullum Kolkata
Mumbai Indians Mahela Jayawardene Mumbai
Rajasthan Royals Sanju Samson Jaipur, Rajasthan
Royal Challengers Bangalore Simon Matthew Katich Bangalore, Karnataka
Sunrisers Hyderabad Trevor Harley Bayliss Hyderabad, Telangana

The IPL season 14 is as much anticipated as the auction. After the team line-up is updated, the tournament promises to be bright and with an unexpected outcome. Perhaps the record-holders Mumbai Indians will win, or maybe we will be surprised by those who have never brought victory to their team. 

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