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Live casino Parimatch

What does come to mind when you say “perfect online casino”? Of course Parimatch!

Parimatch India is the only place with all existing games! Each game is updating in design and different features regularly! You won’t be wrong if you choose this casino.

One of the main features of Parimatch is the live casino. Do you know what is it?

Live casino Parimatch is an excellent opportunity to play not only with the machine but also with a real dealer! Everything looks like in real casinos of Las Vegas and Monaco, isn’t it? But there is no need to leave the house to play.

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You are allowed to play online in several ways:

  1. Through the computer, you can find the version of the casino to play online. 
  2. Via smartphone using a mobile live casino.
  3. Via SmartTV — if you have a chance to use the Internet via a TV, then playing Parimatch Live Casino on the big screen will be more amazing!

Games in live-casino Parimatch

Parimatch bookie India offers its loyal players a wide choice of pastime. They can be played in two ways:

  1. By using the official site.
  2. With the help of the mobile application.

Crazy casino Parimatch is a world of bright classic games and exciting novelties.

So, what games can we meet on the Parimatch casino website?

Of course, there is the possibility to play the classics and test your intuition with online roulette. If you are full of excitement and love games with strategics – poker or blackjack created for you! 

Are you an amateur of card games, but not fond of strategies? It’s time to test your luck with baccarat!

Thanks to these games, you have a great opportunity to immerse yourself in the unique atmosphere of a modern live casino in India!

So let’s start the acquaintance with these games!


Live baccarat in India gained high popularity from the first seconds! Simplicity in the rules, the absence of complicated manipulations, and honesty are the main characteristics of the baccarat live.

An interesting fact: earlier baccarat was considered a game of aristocrats. Well, now everyone can play baccarat.

Time to get acquainted with rules.

The main question of baccarat is “Take or not to take the third card?”. The goal of the game is to collect a card combination with a total sum of nine points or as close as possible to nine. Ace is equal to one point, tens and picture cards are equal to zero, other cards are equal to their value. If the total is ten or more, ten subtracts from it and the remain takes into account during the calculating of results. For example: 8 + 6 = 14 = 4 or 3 + 7 = 10 = 0.

The winner is the participant (player or banker) with 9 points. The gambler who scored 8 points, provided that the opponent scored less, wins. If none of the participants has 8 or 9 points, then it is possible to receive a third card.


Parimatch live casino has one of the most world’s popular games – poker. You can play it any way you like – through the website or the Parimatch poker app. This game is very interesting because of its uniqueness. To become a winner you need to know the strategies and tricks perfectly.

Let’s slightly open the curtain to online poker nuances.

The common elements of all types of poker are combinations and the presence of bargaining during the game. You’ve probably heard such concepts as a straight, flush, full house. All these are winning combinations in poker.

The game is sufficiently complicated because the player does not know the opponent’s cards. But this mystery is often saved by a bluff.

The winner is the person with the best combination or the one who oust other players from the game with the help of bets or bluff bets and leaves alone until the cards are revealed.


Well, it is time to check how faithful is your intuition. For such a test, you just need to play roulette. No strategies, bluffs, combinations of winning – pure luck!

And so, let’s discuss the basic rules of such an unpredictable game.

In Parimatch roulette live you will see the 37 sectors’ wheel. These sectors are in a specific order. All partitions are red or black, and zero is green.

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Interesting fact: the “number of the beast” – 666 – is the sum of all numbers of the wheel.

After bets are made, the stickman throws the ball in the reverse direction of the wheel rotation. The ball must fall into one of the numbered partitions after making at least three full revolutions on the wheel.

And if you are lucky – catch your jackpot faster!


Parimatch live casino has a game that is played by the whole world – of course, this is blackjack.

Why does this game so popular? That’s because of its simple rules and strategies.

The goal of the game is to beat the dealer. How can you do this?

The dealer gives cards: two cards to each player and puts one card for himself. All cards are revealed immediately.

If a player has twenty-one points after the deal – it’s a blackjack. In this case, the player immediately gets a winning 1.5 times higher than his bet.

Further, players who do not have blackjack can take another card or stay with previous cards.

If a player after taking a new card has more than twenty-one scores – this situation calls “busts”. The dealer says “a lot” and removes the player’s bet for casino benefit.

Live Casino Bonuses

After entering the jackpot city of Parimatch casino you can get profitable prizes. 

Parimatch bonus is not a dream! It can be obtained by experienced users and beginners. For example, to get a welcome bonus, it is enough to sign-in on the website or in the application via mobile login.

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After registration or during the holidays, you can get free spins or double your first deposit.

So join the Parimatch live casino and withdraw your winnings for free!


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