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Lowest Score in IPL History

Lowest Team Score in IPL

For cricket fans who follow every event in this kind of sport, one of the most important of the year is the Indian Premier League, one of the largest championships with a decade of high-profile matches. Despite its difficult history of formation, now the popularity and widespread acceptance of this championship cannot be questioned. Every year the teams participating in the competition reach new heights, thanks to the players who improve their skills to show good results on the field and take the leading positions. This zeal gets praise from fans, for whom the players become idols and role models. In addition, the demonstration of high results in the IPL is an indicator of strength for other countries, which, like the Indian national team, are members of the world leagues. This adds a special significance to the IPL, which becomes a kind of statement that the Indian players are still among the strongest in the world and must be reckoned with.

This year, as in the previous, the IPL faced certain difficulties in the format of its holding. The postponements of matches and their locations in other countries, which led to the transport of players, left their mark on the participants, both physically and morally. Nevertheless, the players regain their shape and continue to fight for the title, despite all the difficulties that have arisen. The IPL 2023 promises to be an unforgettable spectacle, primarily due to the squads, which include both experienced players who have earned their status and newcomers who demonstrate breakthrough results. In those games that have already taken place within the framework of the championship, the players scored high team points, which are an indicator of the captain’s perseverance and excellent organizational work. Among the favorites at the moment are the Delhi Capitals, which have scored a high number of team points in every match and won almost all of them. Other favorites also did not lag, gradually catching up with the leader and strengthening their positions in the tournament bracket.

But among the results of high team performance, history also remembered the moments when teams achieved the lowest score in IPL. These results became a kind of anti-record and an indicator that certain factors can seriously affect the game. Each of these games has been analyzed many times and has also become a model of how not to play a game. Nevertheless, this has never become a reason to give up, but, on the contrary, an incentive to make changes within the team’s rosters, to find new strategies, and for the players a signal to improve their skills, since, to reach the top, hard work is required. By looking at further games of the previously included teams in this list, it is possible to find noticeable changes and improvements in the quality of matches. This demonstrates the team’s attitude to the importance of IPL and the desire not to let down their fans, who give their hearts and hope to the last that their favorites will win and achieve the title of the IPL champion.

Lowest score in IPL

Over the years of the IPL’s existence, there have been two dozen matches, in which the team possesses the lowest score in IPL with the result lower than 100.  Despite the desire to achieve the title of champion, various mistakes in the game led to disastrous results. Almost any team that is a member of the IPL has such an outcome of the match in its track record. Even the champions who took possession of the cup had such moments, which are now a reminder of the failures in the history of Indian cricket and also a good example for drawing up future strategies, since any result, even a low one, allows to draw up an approach to future matches and demonstrate how to avoid previously committed mistakes. This cannot be called a shame for the team, since the work carried out after that bore fruit and the teams showed opposite results in the future and are constantly developing methods in order not to score the lowest score.

By taking a look at the reasons for these results in the team, it is possible to find certain factors that led to this. First of all, it is a counterbalance of forces in the team lineups, which is of great importance in any match. If the overall squad is not strong enough, this can lead to a low result in one match, and in general throughout the tournament. In addition, the work of the captain is important, who arranges the players, choosing the most optimal options both for the start and for the subsequent match. A bad start to the game can always trigger an inevitable process that can lead to an inevitably low outcome. The biggest responsibility lies with the bowlers, who are the mainstay of the team. If a player is out of shape and cannot concentrate on the game, his actions can become destructive in terms of the overall score and, importantly, affect the actions of other players from a moral point of view. Both individually and in the aggregate of these factors is a reason for revising both the participation of individual players and the overall approach to teamwork.

Among all the results of the lowest team score in IPL, five anti-records can be distinguished, which were remembered by both teams and fans. For some, those results were just an unsuccessful season, which did not lead to the implementation of the expected, but for someone, it was a reason to seriously think about global changes within the team. Nevertheless, all the participants took into account what happened and in recent years, including this one, have discovered a lot of new things in the game – both in the choice of players and in the issue of the correct way of playing the game. Now, remembering these indicators, the players themselves see the work done and the horizons that have opened over the years since then. And still, we will see even more fantastic games and sloped peaks both in this and in the next seasons of the IPL.

5. Kolkata Knight Riders’ 67 vs Mumbai Indians

KKR is one of the oldest teams in the IPL, which has existed since the creation of the league and successfully performs every year. Like all renegotiation teams, KKR went through many changes and became popular in India, both thanks to their incredible game, and thanks to the owners of Bollywood stars who were able to promote the franchise.

In 2008, in the first season of the IPL, the team showed one of the lowest points scored by the team. After the coin toss, the start of the game went to KKR and the start turned out to be rather weak. Especially the result of bowlers Shaun Pollock and Dwayne Bravo can be highlighted, the game of which led to a drop in performance.

This game became an indicator for the team in which direction it was necessary to make changes, and in 2012 KKR won the first championship, and after another 2 years managed to increase its track record with another victory, which made the team one of the strongest in India.

4. Delhi Daredevils’ 67 vs Kings XI Punjab

Delhi Daredevils is another of the teams that are the core of the IPL and successfully participate in every IPL season. An important moment in the history of the team was the rebranding, and now it bears the new name Delhi Capitals – in honor of the delightful and vibrant capital of India, which is the symbol of the team. Almost every year since its inception, the team has demonstrated high results.

But 2017 was remembered for the team by many unfortunate moments and was truly disastrous. In the match against Kings XI Punjab, the team’s bowlers were unable to get off to a good start, resulting in a poor performance despite a further increase in the game’s pace. As a result, the team’s overall result was 67 points.

However, with the end of that season, a new period began in the history of the team. In 2023, the team made it to the final and faced the Mumbai Indian’s and showed an excellent and memorable game despite the defeat. For the 2023 season, the Delhi Capitals are the favorites and one of the likely winners due to their excellent roster and organizational capabilities, thanks to the work of every team member.

3. Delhi Daredevils’ 66 vs Mumbai Indians

As mentioned above, Delhi Capitals, as a representative of the capital of India, always tries to achieve the highest result in the IPL. In particular, the last 2 years have become clear evidence of this. Nevertheless, the 2017 season is still remembered by many players thanks to the results of the two games.

Another unsuccessful match in DD statistics was the battle with the Mumbai Indians in 2017. In an attempt to achieve a big total, the team could not cope with the pace, gradually showing a decrease in performance. Mumbai, in turn, successfully seized the initiative and began to lead as a result. As a result, the game ended for the then Delhi Daredevils with a score of 66 points, which was another disappointment for the IPL 2017.

A kind of revenge was the match against the Mumbai Indians in the 2023 IPL final. The team, already with a new name, met with the enemy in Dubai and, despite the defeat, managed to show what changes it had achieved in recent years and showed the game that will be remembered by millions of fans. The Delhi Capitals are aiming for a win this year, and to the extent of the Covid-19-related match restrictions, they have successfully held the lead.

2. Rajasthan Royals’ 58 vs Royal Challengers Bangalore

Another memorable IPL team is the Rajasthan Royals, a representative of Rajasthan, who is remembered for both her strong play and ability to cultivate new talents and the scandals associated with the team. However, no one dares to reckon with this team, thanks to its explosive potential, as well as the ability to select players, thanks to which the team repeatedly pulled out victories.

But the 2009 season at the Rajasthan Royals was remembered for a somewhat strange demeanor, especially in the match against the Royal Challengers Bangalore, which by the end of the season came in 7th place. Despite the inexperience of the opposing team members, the team failed to gain a starting advantage, as a result of which this game became the second on the list among the lowest score in the history of IPL.

Nonetheless, the Rajasthan Royals became the first IPL winners, making it one of the most memorable moments in the team’s history. In the years that followed, the game played decently, but the 2013 scandal caused the team to miss 2 seasons of competition. This year the team came out with a renewed roster and has already managed to show their abilities and desire to win.

1. Royal Challengers Bangalore’s 49 vs Kolkata Knight Riders

Royal Challengers Bangalore or RSB for short can be called in every sense the most interesting team in the Indian Premier League. Throughout their history of matches, RSB has shown good results, which, nevertheless, did not allow them to win the status of winners and consolidate the status of “underachiever”. But despite this, the team continues its annual performances in an attempt to fully realize its potential and win so much coveted championship.

The 2017 match against the Kolkata Knight Riders was the team’s most unsuccessful match, recording their overall team result as the lowest in IPL history. Many consider this game to be extremely strange, mainly due to the many missed opportunities and, in general, the weak play of the participants. As well as for DD, for RSB this season can also be called extremely unsuccessful, in particular, based on the results of this match.

Thus, this made Royal Challengers Bangalore the owner of two results at once – the lowest and highest total in the history of the Indian Premier League. In addition, the team has repeatedly demonstrated high results during 2009-2017, which allowed them to repeatedly reach the final. In the following years, the team has been trying hard to find its way and win the IPL championship.

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