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Soccer betting at Parimatch

Perhaps no one doubts that Soccer is the most popular sport. Naturally, bookmakers pay more attention to this sports betting – the Soccer line is traditionally more voluminous than the lines in other sports, also, it is distinguished by a more impressive line-up, most often it has a lower margin and significantly higher bet limits. The popularity of online soccer betting, of course, has led to all sorts of “lessons” in the art of wager: all sorts of advice and predictions can be found all over the Internet. It should be borne in mind that these lessons are of varying degrees of suitability, as well as the level of specialists who are trying to bring their knowledge to the masses. The ease of football betting online is very deceiving, so you need to be serious about the game if you do not want to quickly “drain” your deposit.

Soccer in India

Soccer in India is not the main and most popular sport, cricket belongs to this type. But, like in other countries of the world, soccer is still at the top. Besides, football is as popular as in soccer online betting. Although India has never competed in the World Cup or FIFA or EURO 2023, they have been very successful in the Asian Cup so far.

If we talk about bet on football, then it is best to choose for this a company that provides legal betting in India. In our opinion, choosing a betting agent is the first and most important step on your way to betting. We believe the best way to open an online betting account is to get help from a betting agent. Registration an account through a bookmaker’s agent will provide great benefits for players. At least one of them is the ability to bet on matches and tournaments in Indian rupees. To register with Parimatch you need to go to the official site. After registering, you will be surprised by the Parimatch bonuses that you will receive.

Parimatch football odds

What attracts football as a sport to modern customers and connoisseurs of online betting? The main advantages of such a team game can be considered with all certainty:

The Parimatch bookmaker attracts players with higher than average odds. This somewhat smoothes out the fact that the bookmaker withholds 13% from the withdrawn winnings as a tax on winnings.

Odds for popular sports and important sporting events in the Parimatch bookmaker are more attractive than for secondary ones. The same situation is observed between pre-match events and live streaming games – the latter have significantly lower coefficients. This is due to a large number of bets on the matches of the main division and the low risk of betting on live soccer betting.

Parimatch also offers its clients to automatically accrue Parimatch cashback in 20% of the total loss on the weekend. Quick payouts will be credited to your account.

In-play Soccer betting

On the website of the bookmaker PariMatch, Internet bets on football in the In-play mode are very profitable. It is often enough to watch only 10-15 minutes of the match to correctly predict the outcome of the first half of the meeting. At the same time, such information allows you to make the right choice only on Internet short-term football bets like “Next goal team A/team B”, “First half total”, “First half winner”, etc.

What else makes PariMatch stand out from other bookmaker sites? The company’s vast experience, focus on Indian players, several hundred branches around the world, leadership in many gambling spheres, first-class service implemented on no less professional software. And, of course, a passion for football. It is double-edged between PariMatch and the players!


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