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What is Simulated Reality League – Complete Guide to the AI simulated matches’ betting

During the quarantine, almost all real sport competitions were put on pause, but this did not prevent the leading championships from continuing in the virtual world. There are plenty of sports simulators in which professional cyber sportsmen and artificial intelligence run cricket, soccer, basketball and even volleyball teams. A very promising direction in the eyes of bookmakers has become virtual matches of the Simulated Reality League (SRL). Betting on cybersports and SRL are completely different things! In cybersport people play so it’s not the strength of the team but the level of the gamer which is important for betting.

The SRL, on the other hand, does without human involvement. The matches are played in a special computer simulation, which carefully takes into account the statistical features and performance of each team. For instance, in soccer eight of the best European leagues are played on dates corresponding to the real competition calendar.

SRL matches first started in the spring of 2023. This is a new trend in the betting field, but betting on it spread instantly to all betting sites. SRL became popular with bookmakers because of the coronavirus epidemic, when real games were almost non-existent, and bettors needed to offer a decent alternative. The non-suspended championships of Belarus, Nicaragua, and Tajikistan helped only partially and mainly on weekends, so the suppliers of this type of gambling urgently had to look for a solution, which allowed to extract at least some profit, rather than “stand idle”. In such a difficult situation the hand of the bookmakers was stretched by their longtime partners – the Swiss based company Sportradar, which supplies sports statistics to bookmakers and leading sports websites.

The company has a unique statistical data base in many different areas (the data has been collected for decades). data collected over the decades), its products are regularly used by the shops to draw up their own betting lines. What was done? An enterprising team has launched a project to simulate soccer matches of the leading European Championships, based on their real calendars and previously collected statistics.

What is the Simulated Reality League and How It Works: real matches data, duration, comparison to other cyber sports?

A special program of virtual sport simulation was created by Sportradar, which collects and analyzes statistical data. So, what is Simulated Reality League? The matches here are played by the rules, absolutely identical to, for instance, real soccer or cricket: a soccer match lasts two halves of 45 minutes plus extra time, and app. 2 hours is the duration of the virtual IPL game. For this reason, bookmakers offer a very wide range of matches, absolutely coinciding with the line for the real sport.

SRL bets are stakes on the outcomes of matches, which are a simulation of reality and are controlled by artificial intelligence. Artificial intelligence processes comprehensive sports data and statistics from the development company. The launch of SRL matches took place in 2023, SRL bets immediately appeared at bookmakers.

Unlike the encounters in FIFA20, this is a very accurate simulation. The company claims that the unique system based on artificial intelligence takes into account many different factors. The duration of the virtual game corresponds to a standard match, all the while the AI uses the data of all the meetings over the past ten years.

SRL in soccer betting means that the game is simulated by artificial intelligence without human intervention. In cyber soccer (sports simulator FIFA) there are two types of disciplines:

The emulation process of SRL games is completely different. The program collects and analyzes the clubs personal statistics, data from championships and meetings of teams for the last decade. On the basis of this information the outcome of the match is simulated. Also, the difference is that in cyber soccer with the participation of gamers or computer match lasts no more than 12-15 minutes. In the SRL it takes the full 90 minutes plus the time added by the referee.

How to bet on Simulated Reality League: the wagering process, markets and odds

The program for the simulation of sports competitions was created by Sportradar, an organization that collects analytical data on professional squads and players. The simulation of the match is carried out according to all the rules that exist in the world of the particular sport. That is why bookmakers are happy to provide lines with wide spreads on the Simulated Reality League score. These lines don’t differ at all from those that you could observe before the conventional IPL, Wimbledon, or Premier League.

If you want to bet on the IPL SRL tournaments 2023, keep in mind that you need to analyze the performance of a particular athlete, just like in conventional betting. Remember that everyone has strengths and weaknesses that a professional bettor must be aware of. There are other points that will help you win.

As we noted earlier, this version of virtual games has been adopted by bookmakers. Simulation is accurate enough to open the usual bets for real matches: on the total, shots on goal, corners, overs and more. Therefore, the line BC on SRL-matches is no different from the usual, and Sportradar does everything so that the soccer match itself corresponds to the real state of affairs.

How to find the latest Simulated Reality Score: the developer’s platform and bookmakers?

At the moment the direction is developing rapidly, but the best site with statistical data on SRL is Simulated Reality Sportcenter. You can find all the current Simulated Reality League table, as well as the results of all the latest matches on this site. Furthermore, clicking on an on-going IPL match (or soccer or tennis match), you can watch either the pitch or a scorecard data updated in real time.

Follow these steps to find the scores you are interested in on SR Sportcenter:

Parimatch platform conveniently provides the historical data archive, in particular for IPL. As has been said, Artificial Intelligence simulates the SRL matches on the grounds of these real statistics, so it will be helpful for a punter to study it as well in order to make a right wagering choice.

In tennis betting, it is possible to guess the number of games and sets. Analyze at which tournament, what is the average number of games and sets played. To do this, it is enough to study the statistics of conventional Wimbledon, or the Austrian Open for the last 5-10 years.

Conclusion: perspectives of Simulated Reality League

With all sports competitions having been suspended, the Simulated Reality League (SRL) began to gain popularity. This is a special program that, based on the available statistical data, is able to calculate the Simulated League result of any sports meeting. If we are talking about cricket, the program keeps track of what were the performances of individual teams and simulates the outcome of their confrontation. Already today bookmakers offer customers the opportunity to bet on SRL cricket tournaments.

Cybersports are becoming more and more popular. At a time when all IPL championships become suspended, it gives the opportunity to experience again the emotions that live sports provide. The downside of betting on SRL is that it is unlikely to be easy to find live broadcasts on such tournaments. It is in the broadcasts so far no one invests a lot of money. Be that as it may, take into account all of the above-mentioned aspects and you will manage to increase your bankroll by betting on virtual games.

SRL is an unusual option for betting. It is not easy for a bettor to bet on a virtual event. On the other hand, if you study the statistics of the teams well, as the artificial intelligence did, it is possible to predict the outcome quite reliably. Whether or not to make such a bet is up to you to decide. But as an alternative to real sporting events, SRL betting is a good solution. And finally, it is worth adding that betting on SRL tennis is convenient not only from a personal computer, but also from a mobile app.

It is possible that in the future, when all championships return (or, rather, already in the new season), SRL matches will will be played in conjunction with the actual games, and the reason they will be in demand is because many fans will simply want to know what the championship table might have been like in a different reality. It should also be assume that popular competitions such as the NBA, the NHL, the Open Championships of different countries in tennis, bookmakers will also plug in their extended line of SRL matches.

Although for sure the most popular competitions such as the APL, Spanish La Liga, Italian Serie A, Bundesliga, French Ligue 1, as well as the championships of Russia, Portugal, Holland and Turkey, will surely keep positions in the SRL lineup, which will allow players to place bets and keep a keen eye on what the table might be of this or that tournament, provided that the simulations do not have much room for sensationalism. For bookmakers. It will be a small share of the market, but they are unlikely to part with it. While the new trend attracts “spectator” interest, no bookmaker’s office will refuse to deprive itself of an additional part of profit.

However, sooner or later the usual life will return to normal, all soccer (and not only) tournaments will be resumed, and then it is logical that SRL matches will logically fall by the wayside. However, it is very probable that they will remain in the lines, as they have already performed well. already proved to be good. Experienced players say that there is more logic in the SRL matches and that it is easier to predict their results than the real ones. the results are easier to predict than the outcome of real matches. Nevertheless, looking at the standings of any SRL league, you will realize that it does not have much in common with reality. This is to say that the SRL matches cannot replace a real sport.

FAQ: aspects to consider before placing bets

The virtual sport matches simulator is gaining popularity at lightning speed, as it is almost identical in the betting process to the real game. However, at the moment it is difficult to find live match broadcasts, which for many fans of the sport is a serious problem. It is important to remember the above features of Simulated Reality League predictions to always have an advantage. If you want to bet on SRL tournaments, keep in mind that you need to analyze the performance of a particular athlete, just like for the conventional betting. Remember that everyone has strengths and weaknesses that a professional punter must know about. There are other points that will help you win.

What leagues are available to bet on the Simulated Reality League: cricket, soccer, tennis?

There are many top leagues of several sport disciplines available on the Simulated Reality League live:

The live betting markets are also numerous (may reach around 50 for soccer), and the matches are run daily in all three disciplines.

What are available bets on SRL: numerous markets per discipline?

The markets on SRL sports betting are somewhat lesser than the markets provided on the real matches of these leagues, but, nevertheless, they are quite sufficient. In the SRL betting soccer they may reach 50, on tennis around 30 possible odds. Especially, when you take into account that the simulated matches are not RNG driven, but are founded on the historical data, so to choose an odd one should a bit of analysis as well.

A punter can wager not only on a victory, a loss, and a draw, there are separate outcomes for statistical data: over/under, corners and cards for soccer, or first 5 overs total, toss winner, total before dismissal #1, per team and total runs per player for cricket. And there are over a couple of dozens types of tennis odds that you can wager on any of the major tennis tournaments: the athlete to win the 1st set or three sets, each-way betting, handicap points, over/under, etc..

What is the best website for SRL Betting: high coefficients and wagering in live mode?

Of course, the betting companies have already realized how popular SRL contests can be. But, as always, there are some that provide high odds, and others that do not particularly pamper their customers. Parimatch operator not only has a wide coverage of IPL and BBL lines, but you can also bet live. It is very simple to find SRL matches on the platform: choose the Cricket tab and in the bottom of the list there will be Simulated Reality League. The bookie’s site supports live betting as well, and the process does not differ from wagering on any real match. As for the matches of the real IPL Championship, the sportsbook offers far more markets and odds for them as in pre-match, so in-run, providing the live broadcasts and historical data archive – all on one platform to facilitate your betting experience.

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