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Which IPL Team has Most Fans in 2023

The popularity of cricket cannot be underestimated. Despite not being widely used around the world, in some countries this game has acquired a special status, becoming a symbol and a main topic of conversation. This is especially noticeable in India, where cricket is discussed by almost every inhabitant, and the IPL tournament is a key event every year. The grandeur of this event is comparable to the largest football events, and the number of people visiting the stadiums and watching live broadcasts is counted in the millions. And the main number of IPL visitors are fans of the teams that take part in this incredible tournament.

In total, eight teams participate in the IPL tournament, which for fourteen years have been fighting for the championship and the status of the most successful cricket team in India. Each team carries in its name the city that it represents, and, accordingly, some of the fans of this or that team are residents of this city. But since the popularity of IPL has long gone beyond India and this event has become a global event, cricket fans from other countries are fans of this or that team. Besides, despite the symbolic name, a team can also be supported by a resident of another representative team.

A large number of fans also caused an invisible struggle between the IPL teams, which takes place every day both in the middle of the street and on the Internet. Teams compare the number of their fans and among them, like on the cricket pitch, there are favourites and winners. In order to calculate the team’s fanbase and determine who has the largest number of fans, popular social networks have team pages, by subscribing to which, you can follow their activity, find out news about the players and celebrate significant moments. The list of teams by the number of fans is as follows:

  1. Mumbai Indians:  25.5 million; 
  2. Chennai Super Kings: 24.6 million; 
  3. Kolkata Knight Riders: 22.4 million; 
  4. Royal Challengers Bangalore: 19.1 million; 
  5. Punjab Kings: 12.7 million; 
  6. Delhi Capitals: 10.8 million; 
  7. Sunrisers Hyderabad: 10.5 million; 
  8. Rajasthan Royals 7.1 million! 

This squad showcases an incredible number of fans on every team, and especially at the top of the rankings, where the Mumbai Indians are in the first place.

Which team has more fans in IPL?

The number of fans for each team is constantly changing, not only up, but also down. This is due to various factors: it can be the popularity of the team in a certain season of IPL, its results and achievements, and many different situations around the team. This struggle is especially acute among the favourites of the tournament, where fans give their loyalty to one team after another or are ready to support two teams at the same time, considering them equally worthy. This struggle of the fan base continues constantly, which has a significant impact on the status of the most popular IPL team.

And in a battle of the size of a fan basement, the incredibly strong team with the more fans who believe and sincerely support it the Mumbai Indians is leading the way. This team can be considered one of the oldest participating teams IPL. Since the inception of Mumbai, the Indians have stubbornly walked to the top and managed to reach it. This was made possible thanks to the incredible efforts of all the participants, the composition of which has changed several times over the years, and the improvement in the approach to the game. None of the participating IPL teams ever dares to underestimate the Mumbai Indians and always prepares hard to meet them.

Most Fan Base Team in IPL

The fan base of IPL teams is calculated from the number of subscribers to pages in the three main social networks Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. The most popular team is the Mumbai Indian’s —  which has 13 million Facebook followers, 6.3 million Instagram followers, and 6.2 million Twitter followers. Such popularity of this team is due to the fact that the team has repeatedly won the IPL championship and showed an incredibly high level of play. Besides, the team features eminent cricket stars, which adds to the loudness of the team name and additional support from fans of stars such as Jasprit Bumrah and Rohit Sharma who are ready to lead their team to another victory.

But the Mumbai Indians have not always held the title of the most popular IPL team. They are followed by a team with a fan base, which number is not much less —  Chennai Super Kings. The team in yellow is one of the most recognizable in IPL. This was facilitated not only by the age of the team but also by a large number of victories over the entire period of the tournament. Chennai Super Kings has amassed a huge following on social media, having 12 million Facebook followers, 6.4 million Twitter followers, and 6.2 million Instagram followers. The name of one of the strongest players in India and the coach of the team —  MS Dhoni, whose career is watched by an incredible number of fans, also adds recognition to the team.

Following the two giants is the team with the name of the most beautiful city in India Kolkata Knight Riders. One of the top IPL teams, which, despite the unsuccessfulness of the past seasons, still instils confidence in its fans and squeezes out all its strength on the field to achieve the champion title. The fan foundation of the team includes 16 million Facebook followers, 4.2 million Twitter followers, and 2.2 million Instagram followers. The team owes such a large fan base not only to its results and achievements in the history of the IPL but also to the owner of the team, Shah Rukh Khan, who, thanks to his skills, has an opportunity to illuminate the team in the best possible light and demonstrate its strengths.

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